Cortisol Home Test Kit

The GSL Cortisol Urine Home Test Kit measures 7 biomarkers: Cortisol (Glucocorticoid), Aldosterone (Mineralocorticoid), 11-Deoxy-cortisol, 11-Deoxy-corticosterone, Cortisone, Corticosterone and Cortisol sulfate. Samples are analyzed by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography attached with Mass Spectrometer (UPLC-MS/MS). For your privacy, results are mailed directly to your email account.

  • Measures all major metabolites in cortisol metabolic pathway
  • Advanced Accurate UPLC-MS Technology.
  • Very Affordable, 7 Corticoids per test.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Free Shipping.
  • FREE Returns, Keep the Report.

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